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Anonymous asked:

I will visit a zoo. For my personal enjoyment and for my future child's education. You see as much as we treasure them, animals are and forever will be below us. Even if you are being pedantic about phrasing and do your darnest to point out that we are animals too.


That message you just sent me makes you sound like a very selfish person. You put your enjoyment above other’s lives and their well being. You talk about a visit to a zoo as if it didn’t involve animals being ripped apart from their families and homes, shipped to other countries to be kept as prisoners and exploited for profit and greed. Your attitude is shameful. Also I’d just like to point out to you that there is absolutely nothing educational about pointing and laughing at animals behind bars and glass windows. I will keep exposing zoos as long as people with ancient and non-caring views like yours still exist.

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